Vicente Ranches is a group of family-owned and operated ranches nestled within the very heart of central New Mexico. A multi-generational ranching operation, Vicente Ranches has been held by the Vicente Family for more than a century. Always striving to produce the highest quality beef and lamb, the Vicente's take great effort in educating themselves on the most up-to-date ranching practices that align with their objective of raising cattle and sheep in as natural an environment as possible, while maintaining the integrity of the land we live on.

Comprised of four individual ranches, Vicente Ranches runs each ranch in strict compliance with both State and National requirements, thereby allowing for a versatile approach to marketing their livestock. Valuing the importance of producing all-natural Angus beef, two of the four ranches are specifically tailored to raise cattle in closed herds. Such provides for exceptional quality control of all elements of the herd and allows for adherence to the most stringent compliance requirements for producing the highest standard quality all-natural beef. Subsequently, Vicente Ranches is proud to be a leader in the all-natural, hormone free, Angus beef industry.

The same can be said for their sheep operation, which has been an element of the Vicente Ranch since its inception in the early 1900's. The Vicente family has a proud history of running sheep, and great effort is taken to produce only the highest quality, all-natural lamb.

More notably, Vicente Ranches is proud to offer an additional element to the business of ranching, providing for a more farm-to-table approach to purchasing beef. Vicente Ranches now offers customers the ability to purchase all-natural, hormone free Angus beef directly from the Ranch itself. In addition to offering nothing short of the highest quality, all-natural Angus beef, Vicente Ranches provides immeasurable customer service to every customer who chooses to purchase our direct-to-consumer beef products.

Try our all-natural, hormone free Angus beef products today - you won't be disappointed!

Yours truly,

The Vicente Family